You're spending money

Say Goodbye To

Rising fuel costs Rising maintenance costs Rising riding costs

This November

Switch to Electric!

Save Money! Save Time! Save environment!
Spend as little as 5 Rs for 100 kms
Recharge at your office or home
Cut out the air and noise pollution

The everyday rider with a difference

Riding for a cleaner tomorrow Riding for a greener India Riding for a better future

The Electric Motorcycle has arrived – with all the power of a fuel driven motorcycle and none of the damaging after-effects. No carbon emissions, Cost effective charging. Smoother rides. Enjoy your ride – minus the guilt!!

For That Everyday Rider In You,
We've Engineered

the ERKEY d92


Safety, Comfort & Performance

We've got you covered.

The ERKEY D92 is designed with you in mind – ergonomically designed considering the average dimensions of over 90% population. Powered by an 8KW motor delivering the torque required to power through everyday rides. Safety ensured through well insulated and protected battery packs

Go 0 - 80 within secs

Top speed - 110kmph

You can rely on

Want to switch, but

Worried about charging?

What if you can refuel within 20 mins!


Never run out of fuel again

Because now you can get detachable batteries

Minimize time constraints by enjoying the freedom to unplug and recharge your devices anywhere and anytime you choose.

Built for Comfort

Digital dashboard displaying all essential information for your biking experience.

No torque ripple for smooth non-jerky rides

Designed for everyday riding in urban conditions

Ergonomic design for long rides with no stress or pain

Easily detachable battery pack


• Ex showroom price

₹ 169,619

• FAME II incentive

– ₹ 169,619

Ex-showroom price (Incl. FAME II, charger & performance upgrade)


Exclusive of Insurance, Road tax & Registration charges. All prices are inclusive of G.S.T

What's included

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