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"Erkey, an innovation to Kickstart your fuelless motorcycle dreams"

The evolution of a smart world demands smart ideas, one of which is eco-friendly automobile innovations. To stand up with such natural cores, we have introduced electric bikes that run with no fuel and gas yet give you a regular motorbike experience.

As a team, we are striving hard to bring up enormous mobility solutions to all your regular motorcycle difficulties.
Exponentially, we are looking ahead to creating a revolution that ends up providing seamless electric vehicles to the nation.

We are here to break the myth that owning high-performance bikes at ease is no longer an Impossibility.

ErKey and the team relentlessly work on to procure a harmless electric innovation that is highly held with a better user experience with no inconveniences. The electric being a preferred choice for its inherent efficiency, we chose this as a chance to create a better tomorrow.

The recurring failed model by brands has left people in fear to opt for electric vehicles. To bridge that gap and accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles, we have come up with a high-end model that results in high performance and affordability.

Adding on to this, we have generated a working idea, which is to increase the adoption of renewable sources of energy by installing up to 5000 fast charging stations working on solar energy.


We believe, Climate change is real

It is estimated that 40% of air pollution is caused by fuels and is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. Hence, we are responsible to reverse it, because climate needs it, the world wants it and Erkey is striving continuously to happen it.


We believe in creativity and transparency

ErKey is majorly idolized for its transparency, innovation and trust. Functioning our organisations by heeding strong ethics lets us give a trustworthy experience to our potential customers.


We believe in streamlining the next-gen mobility

We thrive effortlessly to discover the next-gen mobility solutions that keep every individual at ease in terms of motorcycle and their privations.

Dream turned into a Meaningful passion
In the meantime, the other college mates were rocking with high-performance bikes. This is when the fire for erkey boomed, the team Erkey went into a lot of research activities and landed on the idea of a "High-performance electric bike". That's how the brand Erkey crawled in.
Evolved from a college student's Unmet dreams.
Like every other person, the founder always wanted to own a bike for his college needs. Since the fuel prices were hitting the roofs, the expenses behind owning a motorcycle were huge. Considering this, he opted for an electric bike made in China. Unfortunately, it doesn't perform well as per the brand promises.


Why cannot we have Tesla-like technology in India?

I mindfully discovered a tremendous working model out of a devastating experience from an existing electric bike that I owned. With my strong drive and desire, I designed a next-gen highly performing electric bike to generate mobility solutions for now and the future"

Arpit Chauhan

co-Founder & CEO, Erkey Motors


bridging affordability & performance

I typically worked with the ErKey model, by considering the back end story that this creation holds. The purpose seemed to be entirely helping individuals who thrive to own a motorcycle for themselves. Jointly, I hold equal responsibilities of providing harmless innovations to mother earth".

Heeramani Dubey

Co-Founder, Erkey Motors

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